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The Law Department “Cesare Beccaria” is structured around the idea, of illuministic origins, that the study of the law cannot be separated from the analysis of the basic socio-economical institutions, which both are influenced by and shape the law itself. The Department undertakes and promotes interdisciplinary research projects, which are aimed at strengthening the understanding of the multiple connections of the law with its underlying socio-economic dynamics.

The Department “Cesare Beccaria” is structured in four sections:

- Section of Criminal Law

- Section of Philosophy and Sociology of Law

- Section of Ecclesiastic and Canonic Law

- Section of Economic Sciences and Tax Law

Therefore the Department benefits from the joint contribution of:

- Scholars with expertise in different, but interrelated legal fields, such as criminal law, ecclesiastic law, tax law, labour law, including also the criminological and forensic aspects of these subjects;

- Scholars with expertise in the philosophical and normative aspects of the legislation process, and in the peculiarities of law as one of the tools of conflicts regulation, as well as in sociology of law;

- Scholars in the field of economic and statistic sciences, whose contribution, which makes use of the instruments of the economic legal analysis, aims at evaluating the effective impact of the legal norms on crucial sectors of our society, as labour market regulation, fiscal policy, antitrust, corporate governance, economic criminality and the financial markets.


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