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Phd in Legal Studies "Cesare Beccaria"  

The programme provides high-level interdisciplinary training during which the doctoral student is offered the possibility of further study of law, with special reference to criminal law and procedure, Roman law, history, philosophy and sociology of law, and ecclesiastic and canon law.

The programme includes lessons and active participation at seminars, during which the student will be encouraged to research different topics in detail. He/she will also be involved in research projects promoted by the Board of Lecturers and will be urged to write and publish contributions in the framework of these projects.

During the three-year period, the student will write an original scientific paper under the supervision of one or more tutors. The paper may be interdisciplinary.

A number of courses and seminars may be conducted in English. Part of the programme may also be conducted at a foreign university or research institute.

The course encompasses the following curricula:

1. Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure

2. Roman Law and Legal History

3. Legal Philosophy, Law and Society, Religious Law 

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